Archaeology Supports the Old Testament

Archeology is a study of the past based on artifacts found in the present. These artifacts are interpreted based on knowledge of the past and decades of research. There will always be disagreement between scholars studying the artifacts because each scholar brings his or her own bias to the discussion. So the question is does archeology support the historical narrative presented in the Old Testament? It is best to answer this question in two parts.

Part One: Archeology can only be used to help answer questions about the past from what has been found. Just because artifacts of antiquity have not survived or have not yet been discovered does not then automatically invalidate the history as presented by the Bible. For example there is no archeological evidence to support the Bible’s history of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom. Does that mean that the Biblical narrative is false because no other artifacts have been discovered to support that part of the history? The absence of collaborating evidence does not invalidate the Biblical claim. In this case the use of archeology only tells us that outside of the Biblical artifacts no other artifacts have been documented to support the Biblical narrative for that historical event.

Part Two: Many artifacts have been found and researched by archeology that support the Biblical history. This list here is of artifacts from non-Biblical sources that when taken as a whole validate what God has already told us about the past by way of the Old Testament.


Time in




3000 BC

Flood stories in many cultures

All men are descendants of Noah and his family so there should be histories in most cultures of the flood event.


2000 BC

Ruins of Hattusas

Hittites are a major people group in Biblical History


1200 BC

The Merneptah Stele

Earliest known reference to “Israel” and it is dated to the time between the Exodus event and King David.


800 BC

Tel Dan Stele

A reference to King David’s linage found outside of the Bible


500 BC

Cyrus Cylinder

Validates the history of Cyrus and his impact on the Jews as documented in the OT prophets.

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