1 Corinthians

SJW is not Love

SJW = Social Justice Warrior. This term is used to identify the zealous drive that has become popular in western culture to make the world right because of injustice. While noble on the face many times this zealous undertaking includes obnoxious, violent, […]

Kindergarten Leadership

Leadership and leadership training is a high value topic in the world we live in. Managers in the business universe spend a significant amount of HR training on how to lead effective highly motivated workforces. The military places high value on leadership. […]

1 Corinthians

Head Coverings and Authority

At work one day I had an interesting conversation with a “liberated” young lady. She asked me what kind of life and job I wanted for my daughter when she grows up. I choose to answer thoughtfully in an honest way knowing […]

A Gift to be Free

Is singleness a “gift”? Is a lack of desire to party and drink a gift? What about the person who has no desire or need for a drug fix? Would that be a gift? Have you ever personally known someone who was […]

1 Corinthians 4:1-2 | Jesus will not Tolerate Mutiny

What makes a Christian? Western Government and non-Government institutions are busy purging Christianity from the public square and from the history books. Mainline denominations are trying to modify Christianity to align with the new moral standards that are acceptable to western society. […]

Jesus Gardener at Heart

The Bible holds a large amount of agriculture imagery and that is because God is a gardener at heart. He is always interacting on the complex Creation that He made and set in motion. I am terrible at farming. If I had […]

Giving up on You

Who am I as a Christian? Am I a Conservative Christian? Blessed (materially) Christian? American Christian? Bible Believing Christian? Family first Christian? Paul in his Letter to the church at Corinth provides some insight into the approach he took when preaching to […]