About Human Effort

It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. Romans 9:16 NIV

Christ Jesus is God’s solution to the rebellious nature of humankind against God who created all things including men and women. God humbled Himself and became a man, Jesus, to pay the penalty of death for human rebellion. Human effort to please God (Religion) or to pretend He does not exist (Atheism) is fruitless and leads to hell. Only through God’s mercy will the relationship, the bond, between the creation and the Creator reach restoration. To realize that restoration each individual must turn toward Jesus, God in the flesh, for mercy. The good news of Jesus is that God restores the relationship when we as individuals confess Jesus as Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead.

I am a father, husband, IT professional, and bible teacher at a local church. Human Effort, the blog, is the result of my preparations to teach each week. Christ is eternal everything else is temporary. Serve him, love him, and listen to his voice. Christ only always.


One thought on “About Human Effort

  1. And how can men preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings! Romans 10:15 (AMP)

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