John 16:7 | Prana and Limitless Living

The body is finite. It is temporary. No amount of pranic living or wishful thinking will change that. Without water a person might live two excruciatingly painful weeks? But air and sun are all a person needs according to Breatharians the hot […]

John 3:16 | Chat Bot for Jesus

A church in Germany has created some international headlines with an experiment in robotic “blessings”. Below is a video of the creation and how it works. This robot has a touch screen set of buttons where you answer a series of questions […]

John 21:20 | They Followed Jesus Anyway

The Resurrection of Christ is real and we know it to be legitimate based on the reaction from His followers. Most of the disciples and many of the close associates of Christ died unnatural deaths proclaiming a risen Jesus. If a resurrected […]


John 14:15 | Love Me

What makes a Christian a Christian? Does following Christ restrict life to a burdensome set of rules? Why do followers of Jesus attempt to live lives based on out of date rules of the Bible? Do they do this out of fear […]

John 5:24 | Darkness Before the Light

This week my own world overlapped with a tragic event, a death that has altered my summer plans. This tragedy has provided an opportunity for reflection on life, suffering, and if God is just. In June a church youth group stopped at […]

John 20:9 | Rise and be Alive!

It is a day that would become the first Easter, the resurrection of Jesus from death, a day that started like any other and as normal as any morning in a world of sin, grief, and death. Those who loved Jesus have come […]


John 21:17 | A Confirmed Love for Jesus

Chapter 21 is the final chapter in the Gospel of John. So much has been written and John has captured for history some amazing events. There are signs and wonders, changed lives, and Jesus himself resurrected. So what is left so share? […]


John 18:3 | Jesus Your Will not my Sword

The end is drawing close and all that Jesus has been preparing the disciples for is coming to a conclusion. Judas having become disillusioned and realizing that Jesus was not going to make him wealthy has traded Jesus in for silver. But what […]


John 14:1 | Last Words and a Perfect Gift

Jesus is about to die. He is in the last meal, the last moments with the disciples before everything changes. What are his last words? What did he want the disciples to know before everything would be turned upside down? “Let not […]


John 8:10 | I am not here to Judge

John 8 opens with the Pharisees bringing before Jesus a woman “caught” in adultery. The Pharisees came to trap Jesus trying to find some way to condemn him. They would bring him questions or situations that would force him to choose between […]