1 Timothy

1 Timothy 4:8 | How I Exercise

Everyone understands that exercise is a good thing for the body. Moving the physical muscles in a labor by lifting weights or traveling some distance is good. However, sitting on a couch watching a TV takes much less effort. I put a […]

1 Timothy 1:8 | Lawless Evil

Today is another day where there is a killing of the innocence without regard to human life at some soft target be it a school, a place of worship, a concert, a nightclub, a workplace, or a retail establishment. My heart breaks. […]

1 Timothy

1 Timothy 2:5 | Creation, Laws, and Christ

    God, the maker of heaven and earth is present and draws men and women to himself. He is drawing people to himself because in our rebellion we have distanced ourselves from His perfect holiness. But God made a way and […]