Judges 10:13 | God Stopped Saving

Something that I fear personally happened to the Israelites. They rejected God for such a long period of time that God refused to hear them when they finally called out to him. 13 Yet you have forsaken me and served other gods; […]

Judges 9:14 | Vote for Brambles

Gideon was asked to be King and he refused reminding the people of Israel that their King is God and God alone. After Gideon’s death one of his 70 sons wanted to take the people up on the offer to be king […]

Judges 8:23 | Vote for …

It is political season and a new president will be elected soon. The choice at this point in the race makes some angry and some excited. The emotion that some have wrapped up in the candidates is greater than even those that […]

Judges 6:12 | What name has God given you?

Gideon is the mighty warrior that God called up to save Israel… Wait that is actually not right. Gideon is young, untested, and needy. In fact the world would say that Gideon is not leadership ready let alone capable of leading a […]

Judges 6:36 | Fleece Moment

Have you ever tested God and inquired of Him to determine what direction He would have you go in life? Gideon a Judge and ruler of Israel did just that to confirm that God would be with him before going into battle. […]


Judges 4:4 | Gender Roles

Deborah is one of twelve judges recorded in the Bible that leads Israel in the time between Joshua and the eventual establishment of a king. What makes Deborah especially unique is that she is a woman and her introduction gives several keys […]

Judges 3:7 | Lustful Passion and Dead Children

After reaching the Promised Land the people of Israel abandoned God for the temporary and lustful pleasures that the other people groups around them had to offer. Forgotten are the god’s of Egypt they had found new god’s to worship. 7 And […]

Judges 2:10 | The Parents Failed

Who is responsible to teach children about God and the responsibility that children as they become adults have before their Creator? The harsh reality is that knowledge of who God is can be lost in a single generation. I have observed families […]