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Church Life

What Version of the Bible?

Where you given a King James version of the Holy Bible? Many consider the King James Version to be the greatest translation. A problem for modern readers is the word choice is old. People have a hard time reading it. Are the […]

Family Discipleship

A note for Teens…

A mom I know from the local church asked several of the men, myself included, to write a letter to her teen for his thirteenth birthday. Unusual but interesting request. I applaud her desire for diverse perspectives and encouragement for her son […]

Christmas Church Life Luke

Luke 1:34 | Why a Virgin Birth?

Why is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ such an important doctrine for Christianity? The desire to question, ignore, and reject this doctrine as important is primarily due to a lack of understanding to the significance of the claim. A review the […]

Family Discipleship

Relationships and Time

God is a relational Creator. He made you to be in relationship with Him. He wants to talk with you. He wants to be involved in your life. He loves you because He made you. Because He is a relational God He […]

Church Life

From Darkness to Light

God loves His Creation even a creation that is cursed, broken, and rebellious. Thankfully the creator God understands that mankind is weak and slaves to the sin nature and curse that invades every thought and action. The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow […]

Church Life

Do You Hear Him Reading Your Story?

God has plans for this world and He has decided beforehand exactly how he wants the story to end. Jesus, God in the flesh, was planned from the beginning to fix what Adam, Eve, and Satan caused to be cursed. Jesus arrived […]

Church Life

Amen. What am I in Agreement with Exactly?

Amen is a universal word that has been transliterated into other languages like Greek and English. This means that the word being used today to close a prayer or incorporate into worship is the same spoken word that the church fathers of […]

Church Life

Do Old Testament Rules Still Apply?

There are many rules in the Old Testament that do not apply to people today. How do we know the difference? Why are Christians not Hypocrites for picking and choosing the Old Testament rules they want to follow? The Bible has some […]

Daily Devotion: The Sweet Taste of Honey

The typical Apiarist, a person that keeps bees, might hope to harvest anywhere from fifty to one hundred pounds of honey from a single hive in a season. Thousands and thousands of bees working for a single queen are diligent throughout the […]

Why you Should be Baptized

Baptism is one of two ordnances given by Christ to the Disciples that they should follow. The other being communion. Baptism just like communion has taken on many forms and exactly how baptism is performed and when it is performed varies by […]