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Daily Devotion: Is God the Creator of Life?

Is God the Creator of life? Some would say “no” and may believe that life is simply a random accident. This line of thought would argue that people are born, live, and then are no more. The Gospel of John records a […]

Church Life

Why are you so Super Spiritual?

What does super spiritual look like? Is it following the laws to the letter? Is it living life in a monastery or in a farming utopia community away from the rest of the world? Maybe it is living with an anguished life […]

The Object of Desire

What do you desire? Do you want the attention of others? Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to be powerful? How far are you willing to go to grab hold of these objects that you desire? For me personally […]

The Gospel is the Only Way Forward

Friday the Supreme Court changed the landscape of America. I am not sure anyone should have been surprised by the outcome, but the reality of crossing that threshold where marriage has been redefined in every state will have far reaching changes to […]

Does God Exist?

You and I are part of the creation and we interact with the creation. So then where we find a creation it is logical and rational to assume there is a Creator

I Do What I Hate

Last week the pastor talked about discipline as it relates to fasting. If your teeth are important to you then you will find time and effort to brush every day. If your car is important to you then you will spend either […]