Child Sacrifice


Judges 11:31 | Burnt Promises

Have you made promises to God? If I win this lottery I promise to serve you all the days of my life. What about the foxhole prayer? Lord get me out of this situation and I will make it right. Be careful […]


Judges 3:7 | Lustful Passion and Dead Children

After reaching the Promised Land the people of Israel abandoned God. They loved the temporary and lustful pleasures that the other people groups around them had to offer. Forgotten are the god’s of Egypt they had found new god’s to worship. Baal […]


Genesis 22:2 | Holding Nothing Back

God is demanding and he asks more of me than I want to give sometimes. I complain why is God so demanding. Then I recognize that I am a terrible selfish hypocritical Christian. I want all the benefits of being a child […]