Judges 4:4 | Gender Roles

Everyone is confused about gender roles in society today. The mantra that women can do anything a man can do has in reality become men want to do everything that only a woman can do. Gender and sex become confused in society […]


Luke 2:22 | Family Life of Jesus

Jesus was once a child and he lived life in a family with its own ways. Mary and Joseph raised Jesus in a family life that Honored God. Jesus even as a child perfectly honored God and parents. The Bible communicates two […]

1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 14:33 | Chaos Church

Church services are a formal structure. They start a certain time. They end at a certain time. There is an order to the flow with prayer, music, speakers, scripture reading, and greetings all taking the place assigned by the leaders who organized […]

2 Peter

2 Peter 2:1 | Selfish Evil Teachers

How do I as a Christian know that I am following what Jesus actually taught and how do I know if I am listening to people God himself has raised up as guides and teachers? How do I avoid charlatan, false, evil, […]


Ezra 8:21 | Broken Culture

Culture is broken but in order to fight it we need to recognize why it is broken. In my industry there is an influx of college hires, a new generation, and this new generation is changing the culture of the companies I […]

1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 5:5 | Church, Flesh, and Spirit

Paul writing to the church in Corinth is responding to news of unashamed sexual deviancy in the church. He tells them to kick the person out of the Church. There is a person living with his “father’s wife” and the church at […]


Genesis 2:24 | Marriage

Genesis means origin or source of a beginning. That is exactly what the first book of the Bible is about. Henry Morris believes that starting in Chapter two we have the genesis account as written by Adam himself. This chapter is giving us […]


Acts 1:8 | The Promise has Arrived!

Acts is the second half of the Gospel of Luke and is primarily concerned with the actions of the apostles many of whom were direct disciples of Jesus in the gospels. In the conclusion of Luke and in the start of Acts […]

Church Life

Adding Church to Vacation Plans?

When you go on vacation for an extended weekend or week-long trip what do you do with the time that is normally spent serving at your home Church? Sleep in? If visiting family go to their church? Just plan Sunday as one […]