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COVID-19 Nature’s Judgement?

Covid is God’s Judgement however there is general judgement and there is specific judgment. The Pope says that Covid is specific judgment not from God but from Nature as quoted by the news as saying the corona-virus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response” […]


Genesis 26:22 | No More Time or Space

Getting married and having children is a very personal and individual choice. There is nothing wrong with having or not having kids or having only a couple vs a bunch. But there is a trend in society that would disagree with me […]

Revelation -

Revelation 3:10 | The Earth can’t be Saved

Climate change, famine, asteroids, president Trump, and the Zombie Apocalypse are obsessions in this secular age of ways the world could end. For Christians the second coming of Jesus, the tribulation, the end of days, and the eventual destruction of the world […]