Government Authority Covid

Day 14 at Home in a COVID-19 World

We have made it to the end of a second week living mostly at home. Government has asserted authority in this space with Covid running wild. The impact to the economy is starting to set in. My employer sent notification that all […]

Isaiah 11:3 | Justified before the King

There is an interesting, and scary, shift in government power when it comes to application of the law. For the most part in America what you think or say is not a crime. Crime is based on actions. For example, I could […]


Judges 9:14 | Vote for Brambles

Gideon was asked to be King. He refused reminding the people of Israel that their King is God and God alone. After Gideon’s death one of his 70 sons wanted to take the people up on the offer to be king. So […]