light of the world


Exodus 7:4 | The Light’s Great Act

There is a misconception in the culture that the God of the Old Testament is a vengeful, angry, judgmental God. And the God of the New Testament is loving and wants everyone to do whatever they want to be happy.  The result […]


Genesis 1:14 | No more Darkness

Light and Darkness are a theme in life and storytelling. Darkness hides and Light reveals. A veil is over our mind that leads to depression. Darkness halts activity. Darkness is where the fears of men hold back progress. The dark ages vs […]


Genesis 1:3 | Jesus Christ is the Light of Life

Jesus is the light but before we can understand we need to know that light author of Light is God. In Genesis God the creator speaks into existence his will and his plans. He is unimaginably powerful. There is no human construct […]