Genesis 23:7 | God’s Judgement is Just

The Old Testament has Israel wrapped up in wars, slavery, and what seems like a never-ending struggle. When God made a way for the people of Israel to go into the promised land, they were given an order to kill everyone that […]


Exodus 12:11 | Door to Mercy

God is faithful and just for forgive. Mercy is available but one of the most fearful, memorable, and horrifying judgments by God is found in the final plague against Egypt. Moses at the direction of God demanded that Egypt let the Hebrew […]


Jonah 2:8 | Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness

What does it mean to idly desert God’s mercy? I like to casually read the NIV Bible and recently the words of Jonah, yes the same man swallowed by a sea creature, jumped off the page… Those who cling to worthless idols turn […]