Genesis 2:1 | God is Done, but not Finished

We have all made something for a purpose. Even if it was something in art at school for your parents. Most people are creative in some way. That creativity comes from God. While God may be done with Creation he is not […]

Culture and Politics

Self-Driving Cars: Programmed to Fail

The next big life changing advancement in modern society must be the self-driving car. When I was growing up I thought cars would fly but that practicality has never materialized. The idea that a car could drive itself is even now at […]

1 Samuel

1 Samuel 2:26 | #Blessed

Some people seem to have a perfect life. Everything they touch turns to gold. Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, comes to mind. He has a perfect family. Financial independence. As close to perfection as one can be on the […]


Genesis 3:17 | The Curse with a Promise

God cursed the ground and everything because of sin. Genesis chapter three is a pivotal entry into the history of creation. It is the event that changed the course of mankind and explains why the world is the way it is today. […]

1 Peter

1 Peter 3:18 | The Hero of Spirit and Life

What are superheroes? Well does it not say it all in the name… Superman! They are super human. Better than humans. They have that “X-factor”. Something that makes them better. In the past these superheroes were part God, part man. Hercules son […]