Judges 16:19 | The Strength of Seven

Numbers have significance and, in the Bible, numbers mean things. The topic of numerology is one in which someone studies numbers looking for hidden meaning. It is a fun topic. However it should not be taken to such extents that anything other […]


Judges 15:18 | Mob Rule

What is in the news today? Mob rule. Chances are there is a mob of people making demands to have someone canceled or arrested. The media rushes forward with cameras to put into the protestor’s face. The protesting groups become emboldened and […]


Judges 13:5 | Samson and the Nazirite Vow

Samson may be the most famous of all the Judges who rules Israel and one of the interesting aspects of Samson is that hair is the source of his strength. No one ever cut Samson’s hair from the day he was born […]