Genesis 18:14 | God is Marvelous

Is there anything too hard for God? This is a question that God himself asks of Abraham and Sara. Maybe you did not ask the question but made an assumption in another way. It might look like “God this is too hard […]


Genesis 17:10 | Why Circumcision

God promises many things and sometimes he ask for something in return. This time God asks Abraham to be obedient by way of circumcision. You can look it up the procedure if you want but, yikes, at the age of 99 years […]


Romans 4:16 | Faithful Loving Children

There are many promises recorded in the Bible that were made by God. Maybe the most important of all those promises is the promise made to Abraham about a future nation. Abraham is the father of the Jewish peoples and they recognize […]


Genesis 25:23 | Will God Claim You?

I was born into an interesting family. Interesting to me but not wealthy or famous. My dad is from one part of the country and during a war he was stationed in another part of the country where my mother lived. These […]


Genesis 22:2 | Holding Nothing Back

God is demanding and he asks more of me than I want to give sometimes. I complain why is God so demanding. Then I recognize that I am a terrible selfish hypocritical Christian. I want all the benefits of being a child […]


Genesis 21:10 | Bad Behavior

Atlanta made the news when an armored truck with the back doors open lost more than one hundred thousand dollars fluttering away onto the interstate like a scene from a Hollywood movie. I have driven that stretch of interstate. I can’t imagine […]


Genesis 15:12 | Glory after the Darkness

Abraham has a normal dream to have children and build on the land where he lives. He has spent a lifetime in wait and watch mode for God’s Glory. God has promised Abraham that his offspring would inherit the land yet Abraham […]


Genesis 14:22 | The Priestly King

There is so much packed into the brief narrative in Genesis Chapter 14. An entire epic could be told from this one chapter. First there is a war involving that infamous city Sodom where they are overtaken by rival kings. Then there […]


Genesis 13:11 | I Pick Me

Have you hit a wall best described by the saying that the grass isn’t greener on the other side? What have you chosen for yourself? A job, a significant other, an alternate lifestyle, or life in a certain city? Are you chasing […]


Genesis 12:1 | Step out in Faith

A famous concept and statement is “Step out in faith”. It means that one will take a physical action based on an in immaterial belief and this statement is applied to all kinds of life situations. Stepping out of an airplane with […]