Bible Study


Judges 2:10 | The Parents Failed

To answer the question “am I failing as a parent” we need to understand the goal. My goal as a parent is to raise well adjusted, generous kids who love God. Who is responsible to teach children about God? Where do they […]


Genesis 28:12 | Life Comes Fast

I was reflecting about when I graduated from college and I was sitting in rush hour traffic on my way to my first day of my first “career” job. I started crying. Unusual for me. I was about to start a corporate […]


Genesis 27:5 | Blessing Lies

Esau and Jacob are twin brothers that lived an estranged life because of behavior which leads to the younger brother into tricking his older brother out of a birth right and blessing. This begs the question: Are there good lies in the […]


Genesis 24:6 | Faith to Move Forward

In a previous study about what life, we choose for ourselves I wrote “Christ calls and ask that we lay our lives, our dreams, our passions at his feet. In return he will give us lives, dreams, and passions that will glorify […]


Genesis 23:7 | God’s Judgement is Just

The Old Testament has Israel wrapped up in wars, slavery, and what seems like a never-ending struggle. When God made a way for the people of Israel to go into the promised land, they were given an order to kill everyone that […]


Genesis 19:16 | Lingering in Sodom

What was the real sin of Sodom and Gomorrah? These cities are a famous set of names for two reasons. First is that God literally sent a meteor “sulfur and fire” from heaven to strike the cities. Second the description of the […]


Genesis 18:14 | God is Marvelous

Is there anything too hard for God? This is a question that God himself asks of Abraham and Sara. Maybe you did not ask the question but made an assumption in another way. It might look like “God this is too hard […]


Genesis 17:10 | Why Circumcision

God promises many things and sometimes he ask for something in return. This time God asks Abraham to be obedient by way of circumcision. You can look it up the procedure if you want but, yikes, at the age of 99 years […]


Genesis 16:5 | Human Nature

Sexual norms are no longer normal. We have reached the point in society where we can’t even define man or woman. Whatever new world awaits when it comes to relationships one thing that will not change is human nature. Many political leaders […]


Genesis 11:4 | Tower of Babel is How High?

How tall was the Tower of Babel? We will never know because God shut it down. The real question is why did God not let them build the tower as high as they wanted. The Tower of Babel was about power. And […]