Corona Virus


COVID-19 Nature’s Judgement?

Covid is God’s Judgement however there is general judgement and there is specific judgment. The Pope says that Covid is specific judgment not from God but from Nature as quoted by the news as saying the corona-virus pandemic is “certainly nature’s response” […]

Government Authority Covid

Day 14 at Home in a COVID-19 World

We have made it to the end of a second week living mostly at home. Government has asserted authority in this space with Covid running wild. The impact to the economy is starting to set in. My employer sent notification that all […]

covid at home

Day 7 at Home in a COVID-19 World

My family has spent a week at home to worry about Covid limited to only required trips to the store. Society canceled most activities like children’s activities, sports programs, dining restaurant services, and many church services. I worry the lock down will […]