Genesis 3:1 | Yes He Said That

God did say do not eat from that tree? We all think we are smart until that moment we are hustled and tricked into doing something stupid. Anyone ever send money to some Nigerian prince? Never paid too much for a junk […]

1 Timothy

1 Timothy 4:8 | How I Exercise

Did you know you can exercise your spiritual nature and grow in godliness? Everyone understands that exercise is a good thing for the body. Moving the physical muscles in a labor by lifting weights or traveling some distance is good. However, sitting […]


Proverbs 1:29 | God’s Justice in God’s Time

Have you ever been in a conversation and one person says something so outlandish or tells a lie that is so shockingly obvious that the only response is for everyone to step away imagining the lighting bolt strike from God is coming […]


Psalm 139:21 | God’s Side

Has anyone ever heard that “God Hates”? Of course not God loves everyone. What if God hates what is not on his side? But God is love. For God so loved the world… These are messages one will hear in Church. It […]

1 John

1 John 2:5 | My Lifelong Fear

I have a fear. A real fear. I have a fear that I will not be able to run the race. This fear of failing God in the race of life is real. I am a sinner with all my issues but […]

2 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians 2:7 | Lawless Truth

The phrase that drives me crazy is “this is my truth”. It drives me crazy because truth is true independent of what people believe. When I grew up someone might say “this is what I believe to be true”. Which leaves room […]


Hebrews 13:18 | What Kind of Christian are You?

An interesting idea passed through my reading list this week. The comment was that each person, denomination, tradition, or opinion sees God and scripture in their own image. The challenge the person put forth is that everyone reads into the scripture their […]

Matthew -

Matthew 5:16 | So Bright I Need Shades

I am perplexed by the modern invention of social media where anyone at any moment often unexpectedly might become famous or infamous. We want to let our light shine before others. Much like winning a lottery the instant fame is a rush. […]

2 Peter

2 Peter 3:9 | There is not Much Time Left

Life is hard. Anxiety levels are high. All in the middle of this is a world-wide lockdown because of COVID. Personal circumstances vary but in general life is difficult for those without money and for those with money. For Christians many see […]

2 Peter

2 Peter 2:1 | Selfish Evil Teachers

How do I as a Christian know that I am following what Jesus actually taught and how do I know if I am listening to people God himself has raised up as guides and teachers? How do I avoid charlatan, false, evil, […]