Philippians 4:6 | Worry vs. Anxiety

Some of the literal translations of the Bible do not do not contain the word “worry” anywhere in the contents. Search a KJV or ESV Bible for the word worry and it will not be found. Many people think that the Bible […]


Psalm 23:2 | Overwhelmed by the Crashing Waves

Have you ever been in a raging river or have you ever visited an ocean shore? The waves they don’t stop. The keep coming and crashing and falling. Over and over. The noise so loud that it all becomes overwhelming. Life can […]

2 Samuel

2 Samuel 15:13 | Afraid with Trust

What is your fear? Snakes, Public speaking, no food for today, stuck in rush hour traffic, persecution because of who you are? There always seems to be something to fear, much of those fears we push away into the back of our […]