Have you ever been in a raging river or have you ever visited an ocean shore? The waves they don’t stop. The keep coming and crashing and falling. Over and over. The noise so loud that it all becomes overwhelming. Life can be that way. It keeps coming at you and it keeps crashing in. It keeps moving day in and day out. Sometimes I feel like I am standing in that water. The water keeps pushing me without end. It is pushing me so that I might lose my footing. It keeps pushing me under and I pray it does not rise too high or I might be swept away. I feel like can’t catch my breath. I can’t keep up.

Life and the world move so fast while I am being pushed around by these waves. Time never stops and the world keeps on moving. It can be overwhelming when there are people that depend on you when there are things that you want to do. Everyone faces the same reality of the crashing waves and the endless ticking of the clock. No one is immune to these pressures at some point in life.

Those waves did not take me under. I have found a peace in the middle of the crashing waves and the ticking of the clock. Life is hard and I never am able to keep up but peace has found me. Peace has saved me. The Creator of this life and the creator of time itself called to me and said “you are mine”. Does he call your name? Do you hear him calling?

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 ESV

Do you hear him calling you? Do you hear his voice? Can you hear him over the crashing waves and ticking clock of time? When I was 11 years old he called my name and he found me. I was lost but he found me. Do you hear him calling your name? In the rough and tumble of this world. When this world abuses me. When I abuse those around me. When I abuse myself. When the waves seek to overwhelm me that is the moment that I need to stop and realize I am one of his sheep and he has called me to follow him where he goes.

For some of you who know him and have a relationship with him that is the good news. For those of you who are running and consumed by the crushing waves now is the time. Now is the moment to submit to the only person, thing, or God who can save. He is the good shepherd.

Psalm 23 is the famous “lord is my shepherd” Chapter. The second verse is my favorite.

He leads me beside still waters. Psalm 23:2

He leads me. He loves me and he has brought me beside still and calm waters. I am at peace even if there is a raging ocean around me. Life is coming at me so fast but I can rest and sit down because he has saved me. Hear in my mind and hear in my heart he has given me peace. He has given me rest. Submit to his authority, submit to his calling you. Listen to his voice. Rest in Jesus the Lord and Shepherd. Listen for his voice. Cry out to him. He is able to rescue. Only he can save.

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