What is your fear? Snakes, Public speaking, no food for today, stuck in rush hour traffic, persecution because of who you are? There always seems to be something to fear, much of those fears we push away into the back of our mind. Sometimes those fears force themselves into the present and must be dealt with. Why do we fear? Will we lose our life, possessions, or will the result of our fears cause pain of some kind? This life is temporary for everyone. Everyone will die. Is that what we fear the most?

A messenger came and told David, “The hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom.” Then David said to all his officials who were with him in Jerusalem, “Come! We must flee, or none of us will escape from Absalom. We must leave immediately, or he will move quickly to overtake us and bring ruin on us and put the city to the sword.” 2 Samuel 15:13-14 ESV

King David has a real and immediate fear in 2 Samuel. One of his sons, Absalom, is making an attempt to take over the kingdom by force. The uprising is so effective that David needs to flee Jerusalem to avoid being killed. Can you imagine the fear in such a realization and being forced to run for your life knowing that if you are caught that death waits. Absalom was followed by leaders David trusted and many others betrayed David giving him up for death to make Absalom king. Imagine the anger and helplessness at such a betrayal. How do you respond to a fearful situation?

King David was a sinner just like everyone else, but he also was a man that turned to God in real and genuine ways. Large portions of the Psalms are attributed to him. Scholars believe that Psalm 55 was written by David at this time of betrayal and this Psalm is a great model for us on how to deal with hurts and fear that are a real part of life.

Be Honest with God and yourself about the fear and anxiety.

My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death have fallen on me. Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me. Psalm 55:4-5 ESV

God wants your life to be interlinked with His plans. Humbly ask Him for help and He will show mercy.

As for me, I call to God, and the Lord saves me. Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice. Psalm 55:15-17 ESV

Trust God and what only He can do. Trust Him because as Creator of all things he is worthy of that trust.

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. But you, God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days. But as for me, I trust in you. Psalm 55:22-23 ESV

Remember His faithfulness in the past. As we grow in our relationship with God, we will do well to remember His faithfulness in past troubles.

He rescues me unharmed from the battle waged against me, even though many oppose me. God, who is enthroned from of old, who does not change—he will hear them and humble them, because they have no fear of God. Psalms 55:18-19 ESV

God never promises to take away all pain or fear. Even King David a man that God loved still had troubles. This world is cursed because of our sins and as a result death and suffering are ever present. Yet God does promise that if we take refuge in Him he will be our help and sustaining grace.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Are you ready to shelter in God? Is he not big enough? Is he not strong enough? Is he not just enough? Is he not loving enough? Why then do we still struggle in our own strength trying to do our best that is never good enough? STOP and turn to Him. He has already done all the work preparing for the future when fear will no longer be an issue. Jesus has taken it all on Himself. Turn to Jesus and repent of your rebelliousness. Submit to Him and give him the authority that is due and justified. He will be your strength to face what lies ahead in life and death.

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